Below are clips from short films
USC Graduate thesis film about a pair of twin artists finding their solitary lives disturbed by a little monster.
Codirected with my identical twin Parker Chatham. Animated in Maya and Rendered in Redshift Maya.
Responsible for animation, layout, and grooming.
A lonely moth dreams of meeting his childhood friend Taddy the tadpole. Little does he know how much his friend has grown.
Codirected with Parker Chatham and Clara Chou. Animated in Maya and rendered in UE4 & UE5.
Responsible for story, animation, compositing, and design.
A tired woman goes to a mattress store where she finds beds, lines, and human-like pillows. 
Codirected with Parker Chatham.
Modeled in Blender. Animated in Maya. Rendered in UE4.
Responsible for the story, animation, rendering, compositing, and design.
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